This extraordinary new way to experience the course is sure to entice almost everyone to play more golf, plus at the same time attract a whole new generation of golfers. The GolfBoard provides players the same independence and freedom as walking, but with much greater speed and excitement.


  • Dramatically increases the pace-of-play leading to more frequency of rounds played. Two rounds on the GolfBoard can be played under 5 hours! 
  • Reduces course wear-and-tear: Weighing 115 lbs., the GolfBoard delivers 30% less impact on your turf than a single golf cart. GolfBoard was designed with turf sustainability in mind. Incorporating 4WD technology to evenly distribute power to the GolfBoard's 11" by 4" turf tires, virtually eliminates ‘tire-spin’ and damaged turf - even on dewy mornings or damp conditions.

  • The GolfBoard requires minimal maintenance. Utilizing the latest in lithium-ion battery technology, there is absolutely no battery servicing required.  The modular design of the GolfBoard allows for easy and quick replacement of worn parts, resulting in minimal down time, and maximum board productivity.