Why I'm On Board With GolfBoard


"I've been riding the world’s biggest waves my entire life, and played a major role in the evolution of surfboard design and new technologies.

During this time I helped advance surfing to include stand-up paddle boarding, tow-in surfing , and hydrofoil boarding. This unleashed a whole new market of surfers.

My passion for board sports advancements made me want to explore taking the surfing experience to land by joining forces with the GolfBoard team.

GolfBoard is going to change the way golf is played forever and help attract millions of new fans to the game." 

– Laird Hamilton, Big Wave Surfer and Serial Entrepreneur

Why I Invested In GolfBoard


"I have invested in many companies over my more than 60 years in business, but the $700,000 I have put in GolfBoard has been my most gratifying yet.

Surfing the earth from shot to shot gives you a whole different feeling. At 84 it makes me feel like I am 14 again. It keeps me flexible, and I have fun even when I don't play my best. This is definitely the future of getting around a course."

 — Don Wildman, Key Investor & Co-Founder 

GolfBoard is a revolutionary single rider electric vehicle, which has been broadly celebrated by the golf industry as the future of the game. Easy to learn and appealing to all ages, our proprietary technology is being extended to an expanding range of adjacent applications creating large new global market opportunities.

Our Mission is too increase the enjoyment of golf and to help make the sport more accessible to new fans. To expand on a sport with tremendous heritage by adding a whole new way to enjoy the beautiful landscape. The GolfBoard’s purpose is to grow the game by enhancing the experience, resulting in a lifetime of unforgettable moments and memories.

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The Beginning Story

Don Wildman, the founder of Bally Total Fitness, one of the largest fitness center chains in the world, along with surfing legend and board sports innovator Laird Hamilton,  are the inspirations behind GolfBoard. Both avid entrepreneurs, passionate snowboarders and surfers, they realized the beautifully manicured landscapes of most golf courses offered the perfect terrain for an entirely new boarding experience.   Their shared passion for snowboarding, surfing, and innovation inspired them to develop an entirely new sport, we call it 'GolfBoarding. 

After being awarded Best New Product for Golf by the PGA of America in 2014, we formed a world-class management team to help make their dream a reality. With over 2,000 GolfBoards now sold to nearly 300 golf courses worldwide, generating close to $15,000,000 in revenue, the genius of their idea has been strongly verified.

With rapidly growing demand from over 34,000 golf courses globally, plus our ability to leverage our proprietary technology to quickly and effectively expand into the even larger adjacent commercial and recreational transportation markets, the growth potential for our boards is massive.

Going Beyond Golf

Resortboard solo.png

The ResortBoard offers users off-road and street use capabilities suitable for recreational and commercial applications. Appropriately named for its application as way to tour large resort properties or trail riding at ski resorts. With detachable carry baskets for moving merchandise, tools, and small equipment, the ResortBoard is also ideal for getting around residential communities, college campuses, large commercial properties, and industrial parks. 

SportsBoard solo.jpeg

Our SportsBoard offering incorporates a speed boost package increasing max speed in order to cater to golfers looking for an adventure-sports experience. A motor controller programming enhancement allows us to upgrade the GolfBoard performance to 'sport-mode'. As GolBoarders progress in ability, our SportsBoard offers a more advanced rider experience. Fun, fast, and exciting, our SportsBoard has already proven ability to attract new younger players to the game of Golf.

Dear Prospective Investor:


The golf industry is one of the most lucrative sports markets in the world, and GolfBoard has already started to command significant market share. With the broad support of key industry influencers, GolfBoard has proven its' potential to revolutionize golf, and is quickly becoming known as a game changer for the golf industry.

For us, GolfBoard is only the beginning. Our boards are environmentally friendly, economical, and fun and easy to use. With our new ResortBoard and BeachBoard rental offerings, our company has the potential to expand into massive commercial and recreational transportation markets and generate a highly profitable source of recurring revenue.

By leveraging GolfBoard’s proprietary technology, the company expects to quickly penetrate the $15BN worldwide electric scooter marketplace.The massive size of this adjacent market creates the potential for popularity of the Company’s new board offerings to eventually exceed its already highly successful GolfBoard.

The response to our boards has been tremendous. I have no doubt we will continue to rapidly grow. We invite you to become a shareholder and together we will build a great company that will reinvent personal transportation.

- John Wildman, Chairman & CEO

The company has reopened its 506 C offering** at is initial offering price of $1.25 a share. Anyone interested in participating in Sol Boards stock offering (accredited investors only), may get more information and / or invest today by clicking here.

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