We are committed to changing the way tourists choose to travel. Blending fun, convenience, performance, and ease of use in to a revolutionary new personal transportation vehicle, our mission is to create the next generation of vacation mobility. Now resorts and tourist destinations worldwide will be able to offer a unique new boarding experience that will attract new guests and help differentiate their property from all others. 

Expect to soon see ski resorts crowded with ResortBoards, including during the summer off-season, as well as large groups of guests enjoying guided tours of the beautiful landscapes of premier resort properties. The ResortBoard will transform vacation and tourism transportation by providing a unique new experience for travelers and guests, while generating an entirely new revenue source for resorts worldwide.

Vacation and tourism destinations can now buy, lease, or rent a fleet of ResortBoards and become the first in their market to make available this unique new offering.  OR – buy one for yourself, and be on the leading edge of the next generation in personal transportation.




Street: approximately 18 miles

Off-road: approximately 15 miles


Battery Pack: Li-Ion

Voltage: 50 Volts

Max. Capacity: 1.2 kWh

Min. Capacity: 1.1 kWh

Charger: External

Charge Time: 2.2 hours

Quick Charge: 1 hours

Input: Std 110V or 220V


 Typical Cost to Recharge: $0.10


Power Delivery: Proprietary 4 Wheel Drive

Tires: 5x13’’ All-Terrain


Length: 61”

Height: 10”

Width: 22”


Type: High Efficiency Brushed Motors

Speed: Up to 14 mph

Low Speed: 7 mph

Controller: 250 Amp, Industrial Grade Controller


 Total Weight: Approximately 144 lbs.

Carrying Capacity: 440 lb. 


Deck: Rhino-liner coated deck with embedded grit