The GolfBoard has proven to make golf more popular and courses more profitable:


Attract New Players - Golf is a game that players quickly come to love, but is largely still undiscovered by a new generation of potential life long fans. GolfBoard appeals to the younger action sports crowd looking for adventure, excitement, and fun.

Increase Frequency Of Play - The avid player is GolfBoard's biggest fan. With a GolfBoard you can complete a round in half the time, so you can play twice as often.

Differentiate Your Course - GolfBoarding is an entirely new sport that most every golfer is eager to try. A rental fleet of GolfBoards provides an unique new offering that will attract players from other courses and keep them coming back for more.

Guest & Media Buzz - Nothing generates more media attention and positive word of mouth than a new GolfBoard program. Your members and guests will help spread the word about just how much fun they had.

Increase Rounds Played - After years of declining popularity, GolfBoard has proven time and time again to put courses back on track for strong growth. Many early adopters of GolfBoard have seen over a 30% increase in rounds played.

Generate More Revenue - While the overall goal of GolfBoard is help courses attract new players, plus provide their members and guests a unique new way to enjoy the game, one of the greatest benefits is to a course's bottom line.


Golf course owners think the future growth of the game will come from GolfBoard.
Watch Chris Van Der Velde, owner of Tetherow Golf Resort Surf the Earth...