Everywhere you look golfers are finding out how easy and fun it is to go GolfBoarding! As more club Owners and Managers make the wise decision to include GolfBoards at their facilities, golfers are coming from miles away for their own GolfBoarding experience. And it doesn't stop there. News media outlets are flocking to golf courses to report on all the excitement GolfBoards are generating. Consider these facts coming from courses with GolfBoards:

  • At Trysting Tree, of the first 1,000 riders of their new GolfBoard fleet, 76% were first-time visitors to the club.
  • At Tetherow Resort, GolfBoard rentals are now exceeding golf cart rentals.
  • A private club in Oregon shared the story of a long-standing member who had ultimately quit playing, saying basically that the 'thrill is gone...' Now, with the introduction of a GolfBoard fleet, he has found renewed joy in playing golf every day.

Over the last several years, golf as an industry has been on a downward trend as far as rounds, revenue, and participation are concerned. Golf needs an injection of new players and renewed interest to help it sustain. Could GolfBoard be the catalyst that turns these trends around? Clubs are beginning to report that GolfBoards are bringing in new players, more rounds, and increased ancillary revenue beyond just the rental of the GolfBoards. Television cameras and news crews are scrambling to the first club in the area who offers GolfBoarding to their golfers - will that be YOUR club? Contact Us TODAY for your GolfBoard demo.


GolfBoard has been trending in major news outlets including GolfChannel, CNN, and CBS.

At GolfChannel.com, Al Tays wrote an Equipment Insider piece about the GolfBoard at Dubsdread Golf Course in Orlando. According to GM Rodney Relfsnider, golfers from all demographics are enjoying GolfBoarding. From younger players to men's and women's senior groups, GolfBoards are filling a niche that is bringing excitement back to golf. MORE

CNN Living Golf traveled to Malibu to catch up with Laird Hamilton and find out for themselves how easy and fun it is to go GolfBoarding. It's a piece you won't want to miss! MORE




CBS Channel 31 (KMAX-TV) in Sacramento, California, sent cameral and crew to Lincoln Hills to file a report on how GolfBoards are changing the experience of golf! Watch how much fun Reporter Courtney Dempsey has with this story! MORE

THIS is how much fun GolfBoarding can be! Our own Jeff Harbertson brings you along on a day of GolfBoarding at Conestoga Golf Club.