From Jean Couser of Golf Coast Magazine:

Surfing the Course has come to Southwest Florida

Looking to add a little more excitement to your round of golf this summer? Hop on a Golfboard at one of five local golf courses on the west coast of Florida.

The winner of the best new product at the 2014 PGA Show, this refreshing innovation is pretty much guaranteed to spike up your fun factor.

The Golfboard is essentially an oversized electric skateboard with 4 wheels (actually a 4 Wheel Posi-Traction Drivetrain ) and a handlebar. Strap your golf clubs to the front, stand on the board and off you go! Well, after you watch the safety video required by the golf course.

I tried the Golfboard at Boca Royale Golf & Country Club in Englewood, one of the first courses in the area to offer them to golfers. READ MORE