The feeling you get when you first try GolfBoarding is brilliantly captured in this photo taken at Cedar Crest Golf Course in Dallas, Tx. Travis Fussell, GolfBoard Sales Representative for the Dallas/Fort Worth area, was conducting a GolfBoard demonstration and noticed Charles Sanders, a 62-year-old gentleman watching the pro and assistant and about half a dozen other players trying out the GolfBoard. He was encouraging everyone as they experienced riding the GolfBoard for the first time.

After everyone tried it and loved it, Travis turned to him and said, "It's your turn, sir!" He politely refused, but everyone persisted. Finally, he hopped on the board and whizzed around like a champ for a good 5 minutes in high speed. Everyone cheered and applauded his efforts when he pulled back up, He laughed and admitted, "I used to ski when I was a young man."

Golf Bored? GolfBoard.