Previously owned and operated by the United States Air Force under the name Carswell Airforce Base Golf Course, the city of Westworth Village took the reigns and redesigned the course into what it is today. The rolling layout is perfect for a full fleet of 13 GolfBoards, with 2 distinct Texas plains nines to challenge your game as you enjoy the views from atop the deck of your GolfBoard.

Remember, the bad shots aren't so bad when you're having fun Surfing the Earth!

"The GolfBoard is the most fun I've had playing a round of golf in the last five years. The board is user-friendly, easy to ride, and fun for all ages. Once you've experienced the GolfBoard, you'll never want to play golf any other way." – Tony Collins, PGA Head Golf Professional at Hawk's Creek.

Visit or call 817-738-8402 to book your GolfBoarding tee time