With the 2019 Myrtle Beach World Amateur Championship in the books, we are very proud to say GolfBoards were a huge success! Of nearly 250 entries received in the run up to the tournament, 46 lucky riders had the chance to play one of their four rounds in ‘Surf Mode’ with a GolfBoard.

Paul Zanotto with his Golden Ticket

Paul Zanotto with his Golden Ticket

For two of those riders, using a GolfBoard proved to be instrumental in their overall victories. Paul Zanotto won his flight on Thursday while riding a GolfBoard, while Christopher Brovich carded a low net (-12) for the tournament while riding on Monday.

The 46 riders that made up Team GolfBoard shot over 2 strokes better than the rest of the field riding in carts (-2.4 Gross/-2.1 Net) which only goes to prove that riding a GolfBoard while playing golf can help you play better! It is a Fitter, Funner, and Faster way to play!



Thank you to everyone who participated!

Robert Trimper
Christopher Brovich
Lynn Martin
Carl DiSimone
Paul Zanotto
John Marshall
Larry Smothers
Cortland Coleman
Chad Oyervides
Darrin Heath
Robin Krapfl
Omer West
Steven Stenson
Kevin Jones
Larry Wheeler
Paul Dittner
Paul Warren
Gordon Parker
Kelly Ferguson
Scott Porter
Paul Campbell
Autie Cochran
John Daly
Bobby Shaw
George Kegerreis
Tim Foss
Cindy Stumph
Kari Kavan
Dan Waag
Paula Morton
Steve Muller
Robert Messer
Andre Kosakowski
Scott Springer
Michael Henahan
John DePalma
Bruce Sutherland
Robert Stinnett
Loren Danhauer
Todd Nixon
Michelle Livernois