World Am Riders Win Divisions, Team GolfBoards Posts Lower Net Scores Than Field


With the 2019 Myrtle Beach World Amateur Championship in the books, we are very proud to say GolfBoards were a huge success! Of nearly 250 entries received in the run up to the tournament, 46 lucky riders had the chance to play one of their four rounds in ‘Surf Mode’ with a GolfBoard.

Paul Zanotto with his Golden Ticket

Paul Zanotto with his Golden Ticket

For two of those riders, using a GolfBoard proved to be instrumental in their overall victories. Paul Zanotto won his flight on Thursday while riding a GolfBoard, while Christopher Brovich carded a low net (-12) for the tournament while riding on Monday.

The 46 riders that made up Team GolfBoard shot over 2 strokes better than the rest of the field riding in carts (-2.4 Gross/-2.1 Net) which only goes to prove that riding a GolfBoard while playing golf can help you play better! It is a Fitter, Funner, and Faster way to play!



Thank you to everyone who participated!

Robert Trimper
Christopher Brovich
Lynn Martin
Carl DiSimone
Paul Zanotto
John Marshall
Larry Smothers
Cortland Coleman
Chad Oyervides
Darrin Heath
Robin Krapfl
Omer West
Steven Stenson
Kevin Jones
Larry Wheeler
Paul Dittner
Paul Warren
Gordon Parker
Kelly Ferguson
Scott Porter
Paul Campbell
Autie Cochran
John Daly
Bobby Shaw
George Kegerreis
Tim Foss
Cindy Stumph
Kari Kavan
Dan Waag
Paula Morton
Steve Muller
Robert Messer
Andre Kosakowski
Scott Springer
Michael Henahan
John DePalma
Bruce Sutherland
Robert Stinnett
Loren Danhauer
Todd Nixon
Michelle Livernois

Surf and Sand - BeachBoard Unveiled at Wildwood Beach, NJ

You can't have a motto like 'Surf the Earth' without a little sand thrown in. The BeachBoard is now a reality and is surfing the beaches of Wildwood, Nj. Read all about it at

By Amanda Hoover | NJ Advance Media for

I don’t surf.

Well, not on water, at least. But a new Wildwood attraction convinced me to give it a shot on the sand this week.

BeachBoard, a local company, has unveiled an electric scooter-Segway-golf cart hybrid made for coasting on the sand. And after we saw video of some test rides near Wildwood Beach Patrol Sunday, in which riders sailed across the sand with ease, we had to give it a shot, too. 

“It’s an interactive device that asks you to use your core and be athletic, so you can experience surfing the earth,” said Nick Panico, who runs the company along with his partner Ian Paxson. The idea is a combination of electric beach carts, which can’t be ridden, but are used to drive gear onto the sand, and a similar board made for carrying individual golfers around a course, designed to move across pavement and turf.

I arrived Monday morning at the boardwalk along Schellenger Avenue, the beach patrol headquarters.

Steve Stocks, chief of the Wildwood Beach Patrol, told me BeachBoard “offered two to the beach patrol, to see if they are useful in a public safety capacity.” They got the scooters Friday, at no cost to the city, as part of a pilot program with beach boards. So far, they’re only in Wildwood.

Steve Stocks, Chief of the Wildwood Beach Patrol, takes a BeachBoard for a ride Monday, August 13, 2018.  (Amanda Hoover / NJ Advance Media for

Steve Stocks, Chief of the Wildwood Beach Patrol, takes a BeachBoard for a ride Monday, August 13, 2018. (Amanda Hoover / NJ Advance Media for

While eager to try the boards out, Stocks was skeptical. He figured he’d run down the battery quickly jetting around the wide beaches, or that the sand would tear up the tires.

But so far, it’s all been smooth sailing. The batteries lasted until Sunday night, giving him about three full days of power.

Stocks had two scooters ready, so I slipped off my shoes, and hopped on with two goals: not to injure or embarrass myself, and not to break the state-or-the-art beach cruiser.

For the most part, I succeeded. (Except for whole embarrassing myself part. When you’re the only person dressed in business casual on the beach and you’re cutting through the crowds on a speedy scooter, people take notice).


Myrtle Beach World Amateur Tournament Welcomes the GolfBoard


Billed as the 'Best Amateur Golf Tournament On The Planet,' the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship aims to be just that, with 3,000 competitors playing 72 holes of stroke, net play on over 50 of Myrtle Beach's best golf courses. What will make it truly great will be the first-time opportunity for golfers to register to use a GolfBoard during their tournament round!

Article from the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Blog


Surf The Earth On The Golfboard At The Myrtle Beach World Amateur

After the introduction of the cart, there wasn’t much in the way of golf course transportation innovation for decades, until the advent of the GolfBoard.

Boyne4some small.jpeg

The first patented all-wheel drive personal transport vehicle for golf, GolfBoards took the game by storm when they were named Best New Product at the 2014 PGA Show. Now, they will be coming to the 35th annual World Amateur Handicap Championship this August.

GolfBoards will be at a different World Am host course each day, including the Sunday skins game at World Tour, providing a total of 40 lucky participants the opportunity to “Surf the Earth” during their tournament round.

Don’t let the allusion to surfing scare you off, a GolfBoard is very stable and extremely easy to drive. The base of the board is wide, providing stability, and learning to steer, which you are able to do with minimal effort, is easy. By the time you enjoy a little pre-round training, navigating it around the course quickly becomes second nature.

And since a GolfBoard has 25% of the footprint of a golf cart, you can take a direct path to your ball around greens. According to the GolfBoard representative in Myrtle Beach;

“GolfBoards are the perfect transport for tournament play by giving the player the independence to ride directly to his own ball, at his own pace, with his own thoughts, focus, and attitude. And for some players, the opportunity to remain standing between shots and not constantly having to get in and out of a golf cart, can reduce muscle stiffness and aches and pains to the back and knees. We believe that riding a GolfBoard will improve scoring and look forward to proving this with the GolfBoard tournament rounds posted at this year’s 35th Myrtle Beach World Amateur.”

Golf hasn’t offered many “fun” innovations, but the GolfBoard will increase your enjoyment of the game; and for those of you wondering, yes, a GolfBoard comes complete with a drink holder.

So, how can you win a chance to use a GolfBoard during the World Am? Once course assignments are complete, if you are playing a layout the boards will be at, you will receive an email to signup. So be on the lookout for the email and make sure you enter for a chance to win a round on a GolfBoard.

If a course you play isn’t selected, have no fear. GolfBoards have been a part of the Myrtle Beach market for a couple years as True BlueTPC Myrtle Beach and World Tour Golf Links have them available full time.

Golf adopts change slowly, sometimes grudgingly, but GolfBoards are here to stay. Simply put, they are a “Faster, Fitter and Funner” way to get around a golf course.

There will be a GolfBoard booth at the World’s Largest 19th Hole, so make sure you visit and learn how you can “Surf the Earth.”

Click here to get pre-registered to ride a golf board at any location.

GolfBoard is the Perfect Adaptive Vehicle for Golf

ABILITY 360 Sports & Fitness Center in Phoenix, Arizona, 'Offers and promotes programs to empower people with all disabilities to take personal responsibility so that they may achieve or continue independent lifestyles within the community.' Adaptive Golf is just one of the many programs they offer.

This year Longbow Golf Club will again be hosting the ABILITY 360 Charity Golf Tournament on September 21, where members of the disabled community will be competing in the tournament using Longbow GolfBoards.

Since Day 1, GolfBoards have proven to be a new method of golf transportation not just for up an coming millennials, but for anyone interested in a new golfing experience that helps pick up the pace, and is user-friendly for everyone regardless of their ability or skill level. Watch the video below as ABILITY 360 clients David Banks and Nick Pryor share their GolfBoarding adventure.

Jordan Spieth's Tips for Summer Golf

Prior to this year's AT&T Byron Nelson tournament which was held at Jordan Spieth's GolfBoard-offering Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas, the subject of the brutal summer heat came up. No stranger to these types of playing conditions, Spieth offered a bit of sage advice: 'Lay off the sauce,' he said.


Indeed, drinking alcohol in the brutal heat can lead to problems with dehydration. But this major champion also offered another great piece of information - his fondness of GolfBoards!

Check out the great piece by Kevin Cunningham over at, and be sure to rent GolfBoards whenever possible for better golf!

GolfBoarding Underway at Troon North in Scottsdale


Considered by many to be the 'St. Andrews' of Scottsdale, Troon North is a desert golf mecca unlike any other. Contrasting the harsh desert landscape of jagged boulders and saguaro cactus, the emerald-green layouts of the Monument and Pinnacle courses await your Surf the Earth experience.



Which route will you surf as you begin your journey on the Pinnacle course?

Think of the exhilaration you feel as you come off the 18th at the Monument course!

Your Troon North GolfBoarding experience is just a phone call away. Reserve yours by calling the Golf Shop at 480-502-5370. Click HERE to watch the safety video and sign the waiver.


GolfBoard Going Strong at the 2018 PGA Show

With Day 2 of the PGA Merchandise Show winding down to a close, we are thrilled with all the friends and visitors who have stopped by to see us - both during Demo Day at Orange County National Golf Club, and at the Orange County Convention Center at Booth #1158.

If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and say hello. PGA Show Specials are going on, but only through the end of the week! Now is a great time to GolfBoard!

GolfBoards Hit The Florida Golf Trail

We are pleased to announce our new alliance with Fore Golf Partners, a management company with a resume of servicing over 100 private, public, and resort facilities for the past 38 years. During that time their mission has been to purchase or lease private clubs and daily fee golf courses, invest wisely, elevate operations standards, and enhance the club experience.

Creators of the Florida Golf Trail, the team at Fore Golf has made the excellent decision to incorporate GolfBoarding Programs in 7 of their facilities across the state. Lucky central Florida golfers and golf vacationers can now rent GolfBoards at the facilities listed below! Be sure to reserve ahead of time - click through to their websites to pre-register and watch the GolfBoard Safety Video. You are in for the most fun round of golf you've ever had!

These gentlemen are ready for you to hit the trail! Pictures L to R: Bob Dailey/GM of Bardmoor Golf & Tennis, Charlie Staples/Owner of Fore Golf Partners, John Davis/GM of Bayou Club.

These gentlemen are ready for you to hit the trail! Pictures L to R: Bob Dailey/GM of Bardmoor Golf & Tennis, Charlie Staples/Owner of Fore Golf Partners, John Davis/GM of Bayou Club.

Enjoy a Summer Breeze on a GolfBoard at LongBow in Mesa, Arizona


Cold and Snowing where you are? Maybe you should pack up and head to Longbow Golf Club where summer breezes are still going on. Our newest Showcase Course, Longbow's expanding fleet of 16 GolfBoards are attracting players from around the area and around the country.

A Ken Kavanaugh layout originally built in 1997, the course was redesigned in 2001 and now offers 2 different membership levels, both of which include GolfBoard use at no extra charge!

Bob McNichols, General Manager, said they originally were looking to encourage a new demographic of golfer who was interested in a new experience. "We needed to expand our fleet simply based on demand. We would sell out on the weekends and didn't have any left for other golfers who requested them," he said. 

Longbow does about 37,000 rounds per year and has seen an increase in younger players since offering the GolfBoards. They brought the boards in to make it more fun and have seen it appeal to all ages and genders.

Longbow is managed by OB Sports Golf Management. Reserve your Longbow tee time by calling 480-807-5400 and enjoy your summer breeze on a GolfBoard!

Click the image for your Virtual Summer Breeze at Longbow

Click the image for your Virtual Summer Breeze at Longbow

GolfBoard: The Right Stuff For Golf

It's been said the golf industry is the Number 1 producer of gizmo's and gadgets. So much so that the editors at GOLF Magazine regularly devote an entire section to golf stuff. Entitled STUFF WE LOVE, they pour over different offerings of the latest and greatest products for the game and offer their top 25 choices for their loyal readers and lovers of golf.

The November 2017 issue once again brought the editors together to generate this hallowed list. Naturally we were intrigued by the pick of Jeff Ritter, their Digital Development Editor, who called the GolfBoard " absolute blast." Hope to see you in Orlando again, Jeff!

"I first tried a GolfBoard last January on a lush patch of lawn at the annual PGA expo in Orlando, and I've been looking for a course where I can hop on for the full experience ever since.' (Click  HERE  Jeff!) 'The boards are simple to use and, most important, an absolute blast. (This game is supposed to be fun, isn't it?) My hunch is that these will provide plenty of it...' –Jeff Ritter

"I first tried a GolfBoard last January on a lush patch of lawn at the annual PGA expo in Orlando, and I've been looking for a course where I can hop on for the full experience ever since.' (Click HERE Jeff!) 'The boards are simple to use and, most important, an absolute blast. (This game is supposed to be fun, isn't it?) My hunch is that these will provide plenty of it...' –Jeff Ritter

Invest And Grow With GolfBoard - Reinventing Personal Transportation

The golf industry is one of the most lucrative sports markets in the world, and GolfBoard has already started to command significant market share. With the broad support of key industry influencers, GolfBoard has proven its' potential to revolutionize golf, and is quickly becoming known as a game changer for the golf industry.

For us, GolfBoard is only the beginning. Our boards are environmentally friendly, economical, and fun and easy to use. With our new ResortBoard and BeachBoard rental offerings, our company has the potential to expand into massive commercial and recreational transportation markets and generate a highly profitable source of recurring revenue.

By leveraging GolfBoard’s proprietary technology, the company expects to quickly penetrate the $15BN worldwide electric scooter marketplace.The massive size of this adjacent market creates the potential for popularity of the Company’s new board offerings to eventually exceed its already highly successful GolfBoard.

The response to our boards has been tremendous. I have no doubt we will continue to rapidly grow. We invite you to become a shareholder and together we will build a great company that will reinvent personal transportation.

- John Wildman, Chairman & CEO

Golf is Fun. This Golficity Vlog Explains Why

Meet Frank and Mike, co-founders of Golficity - a site dedicated to helping you 'become the best golfer you can be, and have fun doing it.' From fantasy golf, instruction, and equipment reviews, to the blog, vlog, and podcast, these guys are covering it all.

On a recent trip to Crystal Springs resort in New Jersey, they thought they would try a different piece of golf equipment - one that is quickly making its way around the world, proving itself to be just what the golf doctors ordered to help grow the game.

After spending some quality time with our own Ken O'Connell, New York/New Jersey area Territory Manager, the guys commenced to Surfing the Earth and showing their followers just how and why golf is fun again! Have a look:

Ride in Rhode Island at Historic Pawtucket CC


Founded in 1902 by a handful of local Pawtucket businessmen, the club slowly emerged as a 9-hole club carved out of local farmland. As the club progressed it stretched to 12 holes, and by 1924, the Pawtucket Golf Club was able to enlist the services of famed golf course architect Willie Park, Jr. to expand the club to its full 18. It was after the disastrous clubhouse fire in 1954 that the club reorganized and became the Pawtucket Country Club that it is today.


With a moniker of "Fast Greens, Fast Rounds, and Fast Friends" the family-friendly club now has an 8-GolfBoard fleet to help add a new chapter to the Pawtucket CC history books as the first club in Rhode Island to offer GolfBoarding to their members. Yet another reason PCC is the place to be.

Contact the club at 401-725-2918 for more information.

GolfBoards Graduate to 18 Holes at Sunriver Resort in Bend


After 2 years of GolfBoarding at Caldera Links, a beautiful 9-hole family layout at Sunriver Resort, GolfBoards are now rolling full-on 18 at the Meadows Course, which has played host to numerous USGA and NCAA golf championships, including the NCAA Men's Division I championship tournament. 

One of Bend's most beautiful golf Resorts, Sunriver boasts 4 courses and 3 world-renowned designers in a golf mecca called the 'Best in the West."

Call 541-593-4402 to book your GolfBoarding tee time. Click HERE to pre-register for your GolfBoard round by watching the safety video and signing up!

Have You Seen the ResortBoard Yet?

group tour.jpg
ResortBoard Full Logo.png

Back-country trail riding will never be the same thanks to the environmentally-friendly ResortBoard. Adventure Tours are underway at Waterville Valley Resort in New Hampshire. This battery-powered personal transportation vehicle is suited for off-roading as well as for getting around town. Easy to learn and safe to use, Waterville Valley is one of several resorts offering ResortBoard tours and rentals.

Read this great report by Roger Lohr of SnoCountry, then head on over to learn more about it on our ResortBoard Page!

Just Doing Our Part to Help Grow the Game

In an effort to help grow the game we all love, we created something for the sport that tackles many of the gripes people have about it:

"It takes too long to play golf."
GolfBoard speeds up the game, allowing players to play a complete round in 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

"Golf is boring."
The GolfBoard is breathing new excitement and fun to golf, without changing the game.

"The GolfBoard is too hard to ride."
In less than 5 minutes you will be riding the GolfBoard with ease and be ready to play.

In an era of gadgets and gimmicks to try and persuade people to play golf, the GolfBoard rises to the top as the Best of 2017:

TimberStone GC in Caldwell, Idaho is First Public Course to Offer GolfBoard


Farmland was turned into fairways in a test of willpower and determination that spanned several years. That determination finally became TimberStone Golf Club, the first public course in Idaho to offer GolfBoarding.

Billed as a proud landmark of the Treasure Valley, the Idaho Statesman recently published a piece by Chris Langrill extolling the virtues of GolfBoarding at TimberStone. Kelly Christensen, Head Golf Professional and Co-Owner of the facility, focused in on the fun-factor for his customers. "People come off the course and just rave about them," he said. "It's just such a unique way to play."


Scott Syms, Idaho Territory Manager for GolfBoard, and 25-year PGA Member reminds people "...when golf carts were introduced into the golf industry the attitude was: ‘That’s not golf. Golf is walking.' " Syms predicts GolfBoards will go mainstream in the very near future.

Langrill's excellent article can be found HERE